मृत्युंजय (Mrityunjay)

Mrityunjay is a classic novel written by Shivaji Savant on the life of Karn, the great warrior andbenevoulent hero in the Indian history. Mrityunjay is a hindi word that means a person who had won the death. Karn was son of the princess Kunti and God Sun but brought up by Adheerath a coachman in Hastinapur, the kingdom of Kurus. The famous war of Mahabharat happened due to the rivalry of Duryodhan (Prince of kauravas) and Pandava even though there were only two persons who could stop the war –Shree Krishna and Karn.
Shivaji Savant bring forth the whole life of Karn with the minute details of his pains, feelings, commitmentand devotion, longing to be recognized along with theview of his close ones and his opponents about him Karn was borne with the shield on his body and rings in both the ears. Nothing could hurt him physically due to this shield. Radhey (Karn’s real name) was happy but finding himself different from others in the community in various ways. Unaware of reality of his birth, within himself he was not able to cope up to be a coachman.He was a great devotte of Sun and the river Ganges. In his teens he came to Hastinapur with his father where he was appreciated by BheeshmakingDhritrashtra and others but denied to the education by Drona, Guru of royal family. In the moment of dejection he was welcomed by prince Duryodhan. Later on Duryodhan gave him the province of Aang to boost up his moral and alleviate his status from a coachman to a king. Karn submitted himself to Duryodhan and was so much committed towards Duryodhan that he could never leave him despite of several wrong decisions and difference of opinion.On the other side he could never overcome the jealousy for Arjun as he was denied education by Guru Drona and marriage by Draupadi just because of Arjun, many times Karn was demoralized to protect Arjun by Bheeshma and others.
Karn was a popular king, an excellent warrior, obedient son, perfect husband, loving brother and ideal father and a committed friend. Despite of all his sufferings Karn had never compromised with his values such as commitment to his words, never returned an yachak empty handed. He had donated various Astra- Shastra which he had procured keeping in view the potential fight with Arjun on different occasions, knowingly that it was part of the strategy to weaken him against Arjun. During the War of Mahabharat, he came to know that Queen Kunti was his real mother and feeling very dejected on her demand of not killing her five sons he promised her to leave her all the sons except Arjun. Even he turned down the offer of all the kingdome of Hastinapur by Shree Krishna saying that “if Yudhishthar gives me this kingdome I shall give that to Duryodhan as I owe everything to him.”
Shivaji Savant also highlights different feelings of main characters of the Mahabharat the pain of Kunti as a mother who can see her son but cannot make it public, the longing of Draupadi for Karna, concern and respect of Krishna, trust of Dhritrashtra, appreciation of Bheeshma and submission of Vrishali as a wife.
Last Chapter of this novel depicts the height of courage, understanding and commitment to values in the personality of Karna. Karna knows that Krishna is motivating Arjun to kill him against the rules of war but owes his had to Shree Krishna with respect, even on the deathbed, donate his gold plated tooth on demand of financial assistance by a poor Brahmin.
Though the novel is dedicated to the Karn, it highlights the important characters in the Mahabharat and socio- political frame of that time.

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Experience of Literature of Sherlock Holmes and The Hounds of Baskerville

When I was read this book. The experience is to good……. I was felt this moment really happening front of me….

Sherlock Holmes and The Hounds of Baskerville

The name Sherlock Holmes is infamous with detective literature. One of the most famous Sherlock Holmes story is The Hounds of Baskerville. The story is about a mythical creature (The Hound of Baskerville) that according to legend kills all of the members of a specific family. When one of the last members of the family dies mysteriously, everyone in the neighborhood believes that it is the act of the mystery hound. So the famous Sherlock Holmes Is asked to investigate the happening. Of most concern, is the welfare of the last remaining heir, the man who would inherit the family’s estate. So Sherlock Holmes sends his associate Dr. Watson. To accompany the young man and make sure that no harm comes his way, while they try to solve the horrifying causes of the murder. One of the most delightful aspects of the story is the way it moves, a classic combination of narrative and conversation, to keep up a lively pace for the readerand never a stale moment. Throughout the entire story, the reader finds himself guessing the motives and trying to solve the case, which most times is wrong. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, proved once again, that he is a classic storyteller, among the best. There have been many critics about the fictitious manner of his writing depicting Sherlock Holmes as some kind of super detective, and there are some who think that his sometimes blunders in geographical and historical facts, somehow takes away some of the shine from his work. But, so what, Conan Doyle did what a great writer does. He wrote a great story. Any time spent reading The Hounds of Baskerville is time well spent.

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प्रेमाचे बारा महिने…!

जानेवारीत तिला पाहिलं आणि प्रेम करावसं वाटलं
फेब्रुवारीत “ती” दिसल्यावर मित्रांनी तिच्याजवळ लोटलं
मार्च मध्ये “ती” माझ्याकडे पाहुन गोड हसली
एप्रिल मध्य म्हटलं पोरगी हसली, म्हणजे फसली …!

मे मध्ये मी तिच्याकडे ओढले गेलो
जुनमध्ये फक्त तिच्याच विचारांनी वेढलो गेलो
जुलै मध्ये आम्ही पावसांत भिजायच ठरवलं
ऑगस्ट मध्ये तिला बिनधास्त भिरवलं

सप्टेंबर मध्ये मी तिच्या घरी गेलो
ऑक्टोंबर मध्ये दोघे माथेरानला जाऊन आलो
नोव्हेंबरला मला एकदम स्ट्राईक झालं
एवढ्या ह्या प्रवासात तिला विचारायचच राहुन गेलं
म्हणुन ३१ डिसेंबरला तिला पार्टीला नेलं
धाडस करुन मी तिला प्रपोज केलं

त्यावर ती म्हणते कशी,
“बारा महिने एकत्र भिरलो
हे काय कमी झालं
अरे वेड्या, आता नविन ब्वायफ्रेंड,
नविन वर्ष नाही का आलं?”

मन हे नेहमी
फुलपाखरासारखं असावं
एकिने नाही म्हटलं तर काय झालं
लगेच दुसरीवर बसायला हवं!!

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